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Sports nutrition can be a complex topic. Identifying which products and solutions suit your own personal needs can sometimes be confusing. Fuel aims to de-mystify the subject and help you make to choose the right nutrition for your sport.
Do you know your INA ? How much carbohydrate do I need ?
The INA (Individual Nutrition Assessment) was developed to allow you to navigate the nutritional minefield and identify individual product benefits. It takes a minute to fill out and is then sent to us.  We can then highlight the recommended products that fit your  training schedule. Any nutrition program for any sport starts with a healthy well balance diet. What we eat and in what quantities will determine our energy levels which in turn determine our gains. A good starting point for any nutrition plan is understanding your daily carbohydrate intake requirement. 
Dynamic Delivery Options
Our dynamic delivery system automatically makes sure you get the best value shipping costs available with options for nextday and 1-5 days delivery time.Our system takes the weight, size, quantity and value of the order and provides shipping options for you to select, whether NextDay, or for less urgent deliveries  1-5 days
Not sure what supplement to use ? Cannot decided between two brands ? Why not try our ASK.FUEL service. Simply submit a nutrition related question and we will do our best to find the answer for you.