Reasons To Consider Underfloor Insulation

Insulation jobs are usually focused on the attics and exterior walls. Although insulating these areas is important, homeowners can also save money on their heating and cooling costs by insulating the underfloors. This type of insulation can take many forms.

Whether your home lacks a basement or you have unheated cellars, adding underfloor insulation can significantly bring down your heating costs. You might also consider insulating foundations, basements and even the space between the first floor and the basement.

Here are some reasons to try underfloor insulation:

It Leads to Smaller Energy Bills

This is perhaps one of the best things about underfloor insulation. Once you install underfloor insulation, you will naturally receive smaller bills from your electricity and Gas Company. This will translate to more money in your account.

By fitting underfloor insulation and reducing how much power you use for your heating purposes, you can save a lot and even recoup the initial amount of money that you invested in the project.

It Eliminates Drafts

If your home is raised above the ground, then underfloor insulation will help you eliminate drafts. It will prevent drafts from entering your house through the gap between the ground and the floor.

One way to do this is to place rigid insulation panels on between the floor joists. To fit well, the contractor might need to cut the panels. Since the wood contracts and expands depending on moisture and temperature caulking may be necessary.

It Boosts your Thermal Efficiency

Installing underfloor insulation into your property means that your office, house or home is going to be more thermally efficient. This means that it will retain a conducive temperature all year round.

Apart from enjoying the temperature that comes with it, you will also save a lot of money.

It will Help Prevent The Pipes from Freezing

If your home has piping beneath the floor, underfloor insulation will ensure that you have extra protection. In climates experiencing freezing winters, pipes are prone to bursting, especially when the water inside them freezes.

Since pipes are always fitted near the floor, they are put in areas that are hard to inspect. A layer of insulation between a home’s exterior and the pipes could significantly lower the risk of wintertime pipe bursts.


It is obvious that underfloor insulation comes with a lot of advantages. The benefits are worth the cost, making underfloor insulation something that you cannot ignore. However, make sure you choose the best contractor for your underfloor insulation.

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