PHD Smart Bar Review – Our Thoughts On The Protein Bar 2019

Is PHD Smart Bar Worth Your Money?

Muscle builders, workout enthusiasts and people with tight job schedules prefer alternative sources of energy to meet their nutritional requirements.Reduce the hassle of having to prepare food which is usually time-consuming. Protein bars provide a convenient solution to this specific need.They usually have low carbs and vitamins but a higher protein quotient.They are rich in whey protein which is a basis in increasing athletic performance.They help increase the lean mass(muscle mass) size for athletes who partake in intensive activities.They improve recovery rates and reduce recovery periods after intense workouts and also curb high appetites that may work against people looking forward to proper workout mechanisms.

Protein bars have been in existence for a long time, but besides their beneficial attributes, they have also received negative critique due to some having very high protein contents that may increase the rate of mortality if an individual’s intake is high.This results from instability in the food intake index.Then,they generally have never had a sweet taste.

The PHD Smart Bar has revolutionised the situation by manufacturing protein bars via an intellectual strategy to bypass most of this drawbacks.The PHD Smart Bar has become a market leader in protein-based consumables.


What to consider while choosing a protein alternative supplement?

  • Dietary needs-individuals have to put into perspective their dieting habits and trends to ascertain what product works best for them.People have different routines, and some use a lot of energy in a day while others use minimal,the PHD Bar is suitable for use by both groups of people to provide optimal results.
  • Taste preferences – Different people have different tastes. Persons will differ in their tastes. Some will want something crunchy,others something smooth.The PHD Smart Bar presents a variety of tastes to meet the various tastes.
  • After-changes – You have to consider how long term usage of the product will affect your performance or routine based on your levels of consumption of the product.

Varieties of the PHD Smart Bar

The Smart Bar has changed the industry by increasing the different flavours available for consumers to choose from including:

  • Chocolate Brownies – The top layer is a sweet chocolate coating, and as you munch deeper into the bar,the chocolate taste becomes stronger and sweeter.Then beneath this layer,you find the darker chocolate taste that’s immensely heavy with a certain sweet crunch to it.
  • Mild caramel crunch – The caramel is just the right kind of sweet with a smooth taste to the mouth. The chocolate coat overwhelms the crunchy caramel and beneath this is a gooey caramel and then a flavourless dough which enhances the smoothness of the bar.The caramel with its crunchy bits in the gooey gives one that crunchy taste.
  • Dark Choc Raspberry – The chocolate is sweetened with a gooey sugar paste and raspberry syrup. The addition of the raspberry gives the bar a candy-like sweetness.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – Contains soya and cocoa butter that gives this bar the cocoa-like taste and is suitable for anyone who may want to partake in its consumption.

*For vegans,PHD recently unveiled a range of bars for them to choose from.


The PHD Smart Bar has been well received in the market, both by critics and consumers of the products themselves.The Bar has been on a progressive slope of success and dominating the industry due to that:

  • The PHD Smart Bar has high protein content, very low sugar levels and is also palm-oil free. Palm oil is not advisable for people who partake in intensive energy-consuming activities due to its high content in saturated fats which are harmful to the cardiovascular health of consumers and may lead to heart attacks or related heart problems.
  • The PHD Smart Bar has a balanced/stabilised ratio; for every 20g of protein,you

get 0.6g of sugar,0.6g of carbohydrates. This ensures that the product does not agitate the proper functioning of the individual or their performance.

  • The Smart Bar helps in bridging the gap in loss of energy utilised during workouts.It increases the recovery rate, preventing immense losses ensuring that sugar levels do not spike up. Therefore, reducing recovery periods.
  • Unlike other bars in the market, this bar is sweet and easy to chew leaving a sweet sensation in a person’s mouth rather than others that have undesirable aftertastes.
  • Gym enthusiasts prefer protein supplements that have low carbohydrate levels, and the PHD Smart Bar is suitable for creating a leaner physique and supplements the weight loss incurred during workouts.


The PHD Smart Bar is a fast-growing market holder in the provision of these consumables and has received very less negative reviews,but still they are a few issues:

  • The Bars are a bit expensive and may not be affordable to all that may want to use the product. For instance, a 64g, pack of 12 retails Dark Chocolate Brownie retails at 14.99£ at Amazon.
  • The bar uses collagen hydrolase as a source of protein which is not usually preferred for use in production of supplements as it is not as beneficial when compared to other items such as milk.