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Approximately 18-50% of the population consume nutrient supplements, whereby the intentions often lie in the support of the health, the well-being and the supplement of the general nutrition. Food supplements are concentrates of nutrients or other substances with nutritional or physiological effects and are offered in doses (e.g. capsules, powder, tablets, ampoules).

The examination of dietary supplements is an elementary part of the examination of the quality and safety of the products. In addition to analytical testing, the control of the actual composition and the subsequent labelling of the products play an important role.

In addition to the characteristic components (e.g. vitamins, minerals, functional ingredients), The company fuelsport also tests for possible residues and contaminants and provides you with competent and individual advice with regard to your food law issues.

Please note: For food supplements there is no legal requirement for mandatory nutrition labelling according to the Food Information Ordinance.

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