Improve and Add Elegance to Your Space By Installing Bi-Fold Doors

Also known as sliding or folding doors, bi-fold doors can easily add elegance to your home, office, showroom, and shop. With quality aluminium and PVC frames, beautiful bi-fold doors will not only fill your room with light but also expands your space.

While these doors can also be used for rooms, they are generally suited for pantries and closets. This explains why these days, bi-fold doors are used as a great alternative to regular sliding doors. You can either add a smooth transition between the outdoor and the indoor or choose the doors that match your existing style.

Where to Use Bi-Fold Doors

Although most people install them in pantries and closets, they can fit perfectly well in any room in the house. Bi-fold doors could be a perfect choice if your room is full and you feel that you cannot fit any furniture through the existing door.

These doors can also be used as patio doors or as a way to separate the living from the dining room. By using them, you will create a clean partition and also achieve a stunningly beautiful visual effect. Go for bi-fold doors made of solid wood panels if you need some privacy.

Functioning Parts of The Doors

Bi-fold doors are made of two panels that are joined by a centralised hinge. The innermost panel is fitted with a pull or knob which allows the user to fold them together. The door can also be pushed further towards the opening sides.

Compared to other doors, bi-folding doors come with several benefits. Apart from being suitable for situations where one needs to gain full access, they can also be hung; thus making the best room dividers. Another great thing about bi-fold doors is that it is possible to fold the panels without changing the suspended roller.

Why You Should Try Bi-Fold Doors

Household bi-fold doors can come as wooden, French or glass doors. If you think that these doors are not as popular as sliding or swinging doors, then you better think again. If you only have one entryway from your living room to your dining, you can improve it with something different.

Almost all houses have an adjacent dining living room and dining area. Sometimes there is an open entrance for accessing each to and from the room. This same touch can also apply with your terrace to your backyard garden.


It is evident that bi-fold doors are some of the best doors out there. Provided you choose a professional installer, you should not have troubles with these doors over time.

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