How To Make The Most of Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

During hot summer months, both home and business owners need to pay attention to their HVAC units to shield them from an expensive system failure. Even slight deep in temperature is likely to affect employee efficiency.

A commercial air conditioning system needs to run smoothly. To make this happen, maintenance is very important. Below are tips to help you make the most out of your commercial air conditioning maintenance services.

Schedule A Professional Maintenance Appointment

If you do not have any maintenance done on your system during the cool weather, then you need to call a trusted commercial air conditioning service provider as early as possible. Even at the height of summer, it is never too late to have maintenance done.

Preventive measures will allow the expert to inspect your equipment, make minor repairs and adjustments to ensure your system works well. Some of the tasks the experts perform include adjusting controls, checking electrical connections and tightening loose components.

Clean The Vents and Replace The Filters

Workplace HVAC system vents and filters can quickly collect pollen, dirt, mould, and bacteria. For this reason, you need to have a regular maintenance focus to ensure that the vents and filters remain in good working condition.

Make sure you clean the vents regularly to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. The cleaning routine is also crucial to ensure proper air circulation

Clean The Indoor and Outdoor Units

As part of commercial air conditioning maintenance, you need to clean both the indoor and outdoor units. Dirt, dust and other accumulations of materials should always be removed from the inside of the units.

You also need to clean the moving part and the areas around electrical connections. Further, outdoor units need to be cleaned of any mud, dirt, leaves, grass, and sticks that may have gotten caught inside the vents.

Seal The Ducts Properly

Doing something as simple as sealing the ducts can boost your HVAC efficiency by over 20%. The best way to maximise this efficiency is to find a technician with the required qualification and experience.

You can always seal these ducts using foil tape, mastic or blown-in duct sealant such. Insulate the ducts to enhance the sealing effect. You will first need to focus on the unprotected areas before moving to other areas.

Observing all the above tips will help you to enjoy the benefits of a good HVAC system.

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