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High5 Iso Gel (Box of 25 x 60ml)

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Isogel is a new type of energy gel that doesn’t need to be taken with additional water. Just tear off the end and drink it neat. The clever part about ISOGEL is that it actually tastes and feels like a normal sport drink but still delivers 24 grams of carbohydrate per 60ml palm-sized sachet. It’s not slimy, it’s not like runny jelly and it tastes fantastic even in the later stages of racing or training.

– Quick and handy to take
– No water needed
– Perfect for training and racing

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Quick Overview

HIGH5 ISO Gel is a pure enegy gel designed to give you the extra push you need when you are at your most active. Available in two tasty flavours, berry and orange, the easily opened sachet provides you with 23g of carbohydrate in an instant hit. Easily transported, High 5 ISO Gel is a must have for any serious sports person or for anyone who needs a little bit of an energy boost at times!  Unlike most gels, ISO Gel can be taken without water.

Additional Information

Brand High5
Goal Energy, Endurance & Stamina
Product Energy Gels
Sport Cycling, Football, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Running, Swimming, Tennis / Squash, Triathlon, Workout


Ingredients – Water, Maltodextrin, Glucose, Fruit Juice, Sea Salt, Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate)

Nutritional information per 60 ml sachet of High 5 Isogel –

•Energy – 88kcal
•Protein – 0g
•Carbohydrate – 22g
•Fat – Trace
•Fibre – Trace
•Sodium – 0.03g
High 5 IsoGel (non-caffeinated) is available in Orange or Berry flavours, IsoGel Plus (caffeinated 30mg) is available in Citrus flavour.


Consume 1 gel as required.


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