High 5 Zero Hydration Tablets Review – Worth In Buying 2019 ?

Is High 5 Zero Hydration Tablets Worth a Try?

The High 5 Zero Hydration tablets have become available in the market, enabling protection of cells from oxidative stress and reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Getting the most appropriate High 5 zero hydration tablets is not a walk in the park. The latter is challenging due to the array of options available in the market.

Do you experience discomfort after sporting activities but not sure of which tablet to take? Worry not, because you can find the best Zero  5 Hydration tablets that fit your needs. The tablets are well fit to support muscle protein synthesis and at the same time, reduce the feeling of tiredness.

zero Hydration tablets not only work on reducing fatigue but also contain other minerals which are of importance to general body health. It is a full package of vitamin C and 5 electrolytes, entailing magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Vitamin C gives a great healthy immune system. Salvaging the cells against excessive stress and eventually reducing fatigue. Magnesium supports electrolyte stability, gets rid of tiredness while endorsing the production of protein in muscles. It is the recommended calorie drink to replace fluids and rehydrate optimally, with a specific dose of electrolytes to compensate for the fluids lost during sweat.

Despite the merits of the Zero 5 Hydration tablets, there are factors to consider before purchasing one. In aboard stretch, they come in different types and flavours. You might buy a pack that works best, but the taste is not suitable. Hence it is good to understand the one that suits your needs.

Another essential thing to consider is to ensure that you are working on relieving fatigue and tiredness after sporting activities. It is not safe to use Hydration tablets in treating other diseases. Take note that it is part of a varied, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Factors to consider before purchasing Zero Hydration tablets

  • How to use – Place one table into a sports water bottle and give it time to dissolve. The tube contains 20 tabs which make up to 15 litres. With minimal packaging, it is portable and ideal for keeping within you. Zero Hydration effervescent tablets are easily broken, making it is easy for consumers to choose their suitable drink strength.
  • When to use – Zero 5 Hydration tablets are suitable for a range of sports activities such as rugby, football martial arts, triathlon, running motor racing, aerobics, hiking, swimming and racquet sports. The refreshing sugar-free electrolyte drink can also work well for those in hot working environments such as mining, firefighting, oil industry, and the military.

Type of flavours

  • Neutral flavour – Zero Hydration tablets allow you to take control of the drink. With the absence of any taste or wetness drop the Zero Hydration neutral tablet in water or diluted juice to create a refreshing sports drink. The neutral tablets use the same formulae of hydration just as the flavoured ones. The latter makes the tablets fit to add on the content of the existing sports drink. It is essential in hot and sweaty conditions.
  • Exclusive flavours – They also come in new and unique flavours that give you a wide variety to choose. These entail the relaxation of Apple of Cinnamon, the excitement of Mojito and Zing, the comfort of berry flavour, fruity and sweetness of mango and refreshing Kiwi and Strawberry.

Apart from the factors to consider. You also need to have more information about some of the products. The following are types of High 5 Zero Hydration tablets and their description.

High 5 Zero Hydration tablet (1 Tube x 20 Berry Tablets)

Consider this if you are craving for a touch of berry flavour. It is a pack of berry-flavoured tablets that give a light feeling of refreshments. A refreshing blend of berry taste that is not too sweet or thick to stick in your mouth. It is mouthwatering. Also,  it formulates quickly and gets tolerant to the stomach.

Main features

  • Contains 20 tablets per tube
  • Zero hydration is a complete blend of concentrated carbohydrate with real fruit juice and a taste of berries
  • It is incredibly smooth with the constancy of thin syrup


  • Zero calories with no sugar also fit for vegan and vegetarians
  • No preservatives or artificial colours pure natural flavours hence safe for your health
  • Zero 5 Hydration tabs get rid of tiredness and fatigue
  • The pack is the perfect size to keep within yourself


  • Cannot be used to compensate for a varied diet
  • Excessive dosage might be harmful to your health
  • Not suitable for children

High 5 zero Topical flavour

Pick on this if you are looking for a fresh blend of refreshment with a hint of tropical fruit. Entailing Vitamin C and electrolytes which are contributors to building your health. The absence of gluten ingredients and artificial preservatives makes it more appropriate for your health and a wide range of sports activities.

Main features

  • Contains 20 tablets per tube
  • Zero Calories are making it an excellent booster of living a healthy lifestyle
  • Consists of sodium, magnesium, and Potassium
  • Suitable for all sports activities


  • No artificial colours or preservatives are, thus safe for consumption
  • The electrolytes and vitamin C help in the reduction of fatigue and tiredness
  • Tablets are easy to break, making it easy to decide the drink strength


  • Cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet
  • It is not suitable for children
  • Poor storage may alter the regular formula of the tablet