5 Easy Steps to Help You Organise Your Self Storage Unit

Organising your self-storage is not that difficult and it is not that easy either. Some things are not only time consuming but also involves a lot of workforces. But nothing is impossible. Planning and following the steps is, therefore, important in organising your storage unit.

Whether you are looking to free some space or you are moving to a new home, making good use of storage facilities can be your best solution. Here are 5 easy steps to help you:

Choose A Storage Unit

First, you need to choose a storage unit that meets all your needs. Once you have analysed what you want to store, pick a unit that can comfortably fit all your belongings. Some people tend to rent or buy storage units without knowing the amount of space that they need.

If you do this, you may end up with very small storage units or very big ones that you do not even need. So, the first important step is to choose a good storage unit.

Come Up with Feature List

After choosing the type of storage unit that you need, make sure you identify the features that you want. Just think of it as a shopping list and compare the different storage units that you have.

Some of the features to consider while making a list include climate control, convenient location, sprinkler system, insurance, alarm system, and payment methods.

Organise Your Things

Before packing your belongings, you need first to make an inventory listing all the things that you want to store. This will ensure that you know all the items that you have in store.

For better identification, ensure that you label the boxes with labels and sub-labels.  The labels that you put should be of good sizes for easy identification. This will help you to find whatever you are looking for without any issue.

Avoid Plastic Bags and Know how to Store books, Fragile Items, and Others

While you might think that storing materials in a plastic bag is the best way to protect them, this is rarely the case. There are high chances that they may develop mildew. Also, if you have a huge collection of books pack all of them in a small box.

Also, if you have fragile items, make sure you bubble wrap them and use tape padding to cover them. This will protect them from breaking.

Organize Your Storage Unit

Finally, you need to plan how you are going to place your items in a storage unit before moving them. Make sure you do not store any wet items to avoid mildew.

It is also important to avoid pest infestation as much as possible. The more you are careful the safer your items will be. For this purpose, you should use mothballs, moisture absorbers, and rodent bait.

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